June 7, 2023

How to Become A Colorist – Hair Color Education

Close-up view of a gloved hand coating hair in bright pink hair dye

Hair coloring is one of the most popular ways in which people choose to alter their overall look and appearance. Over the years, many colors and coloring techniques have been developed to offer clients highly customizable style options. When individuals decide to change up their hair color, they seek out hair color specialists.

What is A Colorist?

Professional colorists know how to mix colors, exercise various coloring methods, and have advanced knowledge of hair color theory. This includes a technical understanding of how different shades interact with one another and how to work with varying depths and tones. This means colorists are skilled at determining which shades are most complimentary on different skin tones, as well.

Hair salon color specialists also work with various types of dyes, such as permanent, semi-permanent, toners, and more. They are skilled at removing color, applying color, and altering existing color to cultivate beautiful results without compromising the health of hair.

If you’re interested in building a career around the art of hair coloring, continue reading to learn more about how to become a professional colorist.

How to Become A Hair Colorist

Hair color experts put a lot of time into learning about the science behind hair color and different application methods. Below are some steps on how to hone your skills as a colorist and make a career out of it.

Step 1: Take Hair Color Classes

With the right education, you’ll develop fundamental knowledge that is necessary to become a skilled hair colorist. Not only do you need to understand the basics of hair color theory, hair care, and color application, you also need to gain hands-on experience before applying for a job at a salon.

At Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy, students undergo the necessary training to earn their cosmetology license.

Step 2: Earn Your Hair Colorist Certification

You’ll need to earn your cosmetology certification to become a professional hair stylist in Illinois. After graduating from cosmetology school and passing the state cosmetology exams, you can also earn certifications from other institutions that specialize in hair coloring.

Step 3: Continually Improve Your Skills & Gain New Knowledge

You will set yourself apart from other hair colorists by continuously working to improve your skills as not only a stylist, but also as a colorist. This means learning new application techniques, working with different products and formulas, and practicing even when you’re not working. You can also enroll in other education programs after graduating from cosmetology school to finetune your abilities and learn new information.

Step 4: Work Beside Other Colorists to Master Formulas & the Art of Hair Coloring

Working at a salon, whether you’re working as an assistant or professional stylist, gives you direct access to learning all about hair color. Don’t be afraid of working closely with more seasoned hair color technicians or as an assistant colorist.

Step 5: Use Social Media to Promote Yourself

When you become a hair stylist it’s important to market yourself as much as possible. One great way to share your talent and skills with the world is through social media. Post pictures and videos showcasing your work, especially clients who underwent a major color transformation. It’s also beneficial to promote your application skills and credentials.

Step 6: Build A Portfolio

It’s important to build a cosmetology portfolio if you want to elevate your career. If you’re a hair colorist, creating a portfolio is vital to your success. Your portfolio will be what you show potential employers and clients to promote your business.

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