July 7, 2023

What is Hair Relaxing & the Benefits of Learning This Skill

Are you interested in elevating your career as a professional hair stylist? To become one of the best in the industry, it’s important to continually add to your skill set and knowledge. A well-rounded education from a cosmetology school in Chicago is key to ensuring you learn about as many styling methods and hair treatments as possible. This includes everything from various coloring techniques and hair care, to permanent straightening.

Relaxing hair is a chemical straightening treatment many clients, especially clients with naturally curly or coily hair, choose when they want to alter the texture of their hair strands. Hair relaxers are regularly used to straighten Type 3 and Type 4 hair. However, many professional stylists don’t know how to safely apply hair relaxers.

What is A Hair Relaxer Treatment?

Many people in the beauty industry have asked the question, What is relaxing your hair? A hair relaxing treatment is a chemical product application that alters the natural structure of hair. It is similar to a perm in this way. However, while a perm is designed to add waves or curls to straight hair, hair relaxing is meant to straighten hair by smoothing out waves and curls.

Hair relaxing products have the potential to cause extreme damage when not applied properly. This is why learning how to apply relaxers in a professional setting is considered a highly valuable skill.

Why Should You Become A Professional Hair Relaxer?

Learning the steps and intricacies of how to apply a hair relaxer treatment can elevate your skill set and your career as a professional cosmetologist.

Clients may opt to relax their hair because they feel it’s more manageable than their natural texture. Others may be tired of dealing with frizz or prefer a smoother, longer style over their tight, natural curls. Whatever the reason, as a stylist, you’re likely to come into contact with models, actors, and plenty of everyday clients who request a hair relaxing service.

If you become skilled at chemical hair straightening, you will stand out from others in the industry. You’re also likely to build a clientele around this service, which opens doors to more job opportunities.

Learn About Hair Relaxing & Other Chemical Treatments at Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy

If you’re interested in becoming a professional hair stylist and learning about the art of hair relaxing and other chemical hair treatments, contact Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy today. Since 1960, we’ve been helping students become skilled cosmetologists and build lifelong careers.

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