May 19, 2023

How to Build Your Cosmetology Portfolio

A female makeup artist holds up her arm with makeup swatches to a video camera while a male client sits beside her.

When you’re interviewing for jobs at salons, on makeup teams, or any other positions where you’ll utilize your cosmetology education, your portfolio is crucial to your success. A portfolio acts as part of your overall resume, highlighting your knowledge, experience, and creative spark.

Sharing high quality photos of your work will help you stand out and promote your range of skills to employers and clients. Continue reading to get some tips on how to build your portfolio for a cosmetology career that is rooted in success.

Choose Before & After Photos of Your Best Work

Start building a portfolio by putting together a photo collection of some of your best work. A hairstylist’s portfolio should include about 10-15 pictures of clients’ before and after shots. The same rule applies to makeup art, nail art, and other cosmetic services.

Separate your collection into sections for each category. Be sure to include photos that depict a variety of styles to better showcase your skills and versatility.

Build Your Social Media

Social media is one of the most lucrative ways you can promote yourself and your business. Social media platforms, especially Instagram, are like online portfolios. You can share your talent with the world through videos, before and after photos, clips, and more.

They’re also a great place to share educational content, and highlight special skills or knowledge you may have that other stylists and artists don’t. The more of yourself and your work you put out there, the larger your audience will grow.

Additionally, many employers, such as salon owners, or potential clients, will look up artists before hiring them to get a feel for their style and abilities. Social media allows you to promote your techniques, knowledge, and creativity all for free.

Include More than Pictures of Your Cosmetology Skills

To promote yourself and your career, you need to instill confidence in your work. This means going beyond showing potential employers photos of what you can do. To ensure your portfolio looks professional and stands out from the rest, you should also present the following:

  • Resume – Include details about relevant experiences in your field, as well as your education, volunteer experiences, externships, etc.
  • Awards – Include awards and recognitions you’ve received, whether they’re education, service, or skill-related.
  • Licensing & Certifications
  • Testimonials – Reviews and recommendations from clients, instructors, previous employers, etc., should all be presented with your portfolio.
  • Projects – Include a list of any projects or goals you’re working on that will showcase dedication to your field.

If you provide potential employers with evidence of your hard work, passion, and talent, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition every time you go in for an interview.

Create Digital & Physical Copies of Your Portfolio

Make a physical copy of your portfolio, preferably using a binder, but also make a digital version. Digital portfolios are convenient, easy to update and share, and they can be linked to your website and professional social media profiles.

Your physical portfolio can be brought to job interviews and client consultations, while your digital copy is available anytime you need to share your skills in a quick, hassle-free way.

Update Your Portfolio Regularly

It’s important to keep your portfolio up to date. Update both the physical and digital copy of your portfolio at least every six months.

Come to Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy

One of the most important things to include in your resume and present with your portfolio is your education history. When you attend a reputable cosmetology school, you learn the skills you need to build a successful career and reputation as a professional cosmetologist.

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