Turn Your Love For Nails Into a Creative Career

If you love creating beautiful nails and dream of a career filled with creativity, the Ms Roberts Nail Technology Program could be the perfect choice. Tailored for those with a knack for nail art, our hands-on program details manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancements, allowing you to master the latest techniques and trends. More than just a career, nail technology at our school is a canvas for self-expression and a journey into the vibrant world of beauty. Join us at Ms Roberts, where we’re excited to help your passion for nail art blossom into a fun and rewarding profession.

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Our Nail Technology Program

Our Nail Technology Program at Ms Roberts Beauty Academy offers a variety of course duration options, ensuring flexibility to fit your unique schedule. Our nail technology program is 350 hours, which is broken up into the following sections:

  • Basic Training: Start your nail technology journey with Basic Training, where you’ll discover the fundamentals of nail history, sanitation, and more.  
  • Related Concepts: In the Related Concepts segment, explore the science behind nails, enjoy the art of massage, and refine essential people skills. 
  • Practices and Procedures: The heart of our nail technology course is found in Practices and Procedures. Immerse yourself in practical application as you master the art of manicures, pedicures, and other vital techniques.
  • Business Practices: Enhance your knowledge with our Business Practices module, where you go beyond hands-on learning. Acquire the skills of the trade and unravel the workings of the business side of nail technology.

See What Our Students Have To Say

If you want to learn hair world give this school a try. If you want to learn how to do hair and pass your exam give this school a try. The teachers are awesome, they have years of experience and you will learn some styles that you never thought was possible. I was over prepared for exam because the diligence that it took. I passed in school and the state’s board exam. Mrs. Tina is so inspiring, Mr. Porsche is unforgettable and all the teacher there are excellent in their craft. The five months there preparing for my exam was something I am glad I had the chance to experience and explore a lifetime career saw after beyond my wildest dreams.

Lashika R.

Name a.

Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy is a wonderful choice for a person looking to start their cosmetology career. This school has awesome instructors, and an amazing Director. They are very hands on and thorough. Not only do they teach with their minds, but they teach and guide you with their hearts! You will graduate this school with the knowledge, diverse skill set, and overall confidence you need to make it in the beauty industry!


Name c.

The teachers here had me so prepared for the world of cosmetology and challenging myself that I was able to start building my clientele while assisting and learning from a great stylist and also a nice handful of weddings in the past year! I love the school and how much they believe in us and are always there if I need help!

Danielle J.

Name b.

I highly recommend this school. The teachers are amazing stylists who help you and can show you their different techniques, including the student teachers that are so caring and patient. I’m a proud graduate student from Ms Roberts Beauty Academy!

Lesly M.

Name d.

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FAQ About Our Nail Technology Program

How long is your Nail Technology program?

Our program is 350 hours. During this time, you can learn the skills you need to be successful in the nail industry.

What are the class schedules like for your Nail Technology Program?

Our course duration options are as follows:

  • 12-Week Course: With a weekly attendance of 35 ½ hours, including Saturdays, this intensive course completes 350 hours within 11.5 weeks.
  • 14.75-Week Course: Featuring 27 ½ hours per week and a minimum of 16 hours weekly, this course completes 350 hours within 12 weeks.
  • 18-Week Course: Scheduled for 22 hours per week, not less than 3 consecutive hours daily, this course completes 350 hours within 18 weeks.
  • 23-Week Course: Designed for a weekly attendance of 16 ½ hours, not less than 3 consecutive hours daily, this course completes 350 hours within 23 weeks.

Additional schedules may be available, and class times alternate to accommodate varying student needs. For more details and to explore enrollment, please reach out to our dedicated team.

Can I participate in an internship program?

Ms Roberts Academy does not participate in the Internship Program as an optional part of the curriculum, and students are not permitted to practice in public until they complete 50 hours of general theory and practical application.

Are You Ready to Enroll into Our Nail Technology Program?

Get started on your nail technology journey by enrolling in Ms Roberts Beauty Academy’s program. Take the next step, fill out the form and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

Before enrolling, it’s important to note that you must meet the following requirements:

  • Submit a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Submit a valid driver’s license 
  • Submit a social security card

We can’t wait to meet you and learn more about your goals!

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