June 24, 2024

What To Expect On Your Beauty School Tour

What To Expect On Your Beauty School Tour

In all of academia, beauty school is a uniquely hands-on experience. The skills required to become a proficient cosmetologist, aesthetician, or nail technician are acquired through hands-on practice just as much as through studying and taking notes. This means that your beauty school experience will involve far more than sitting in a classroom. 

Choosing the right beauty school can completely shape your learning experience and opportunities. The curriculum, the learning style, and the facilities designated for learning the beauty arts will influence how you learn your craft over the next few months or years of training. That is why it is so important to take a school tour to help you make an informed decision on the beauty school that best fits your needs.

What can you expect on a beauty school tour? This guide will help you prepare to tour your beauty school, knowing what to look for and how to get the answers you need before making your final decision on which beauty school’s halls will define the next chapter of your life.

Preparing for Your Beauty School Tour

How should you prepare for your beauty school tour? The first step is to research local beauty schools in your area. Discover which schools have received positive reviews, offer comprehensive coursework, and provide a vibrant on-campus experience. Choose one or more finalists so you can schedule tours and learn more about them in person.

Setting an Appointment for Your Tour

Once you have chosen which beauty schools to tour, look up how to set up an appointment. The admissions office will likely connect you with the right person to call or email to book a time for your beauty school tour. Some schools host groups of future students to tour together while others offer personalized walkthroughs for interested students.

Questions to Prepare In Advance

It can help to prepare a few questions to ask before you arrive for your tour. This way, you will get a chance to write down the most important answers as you enjoy your walkthrough of the campus and learning areas.

  • What programs do you offer, and which specialization can I choose?
  • How long does it take to complete the program I am interested in? 
  • What kind of hands-on training experience can I expect?
  • Is there a job placement or graduate support program after I am licensed?
  • What kind of schedule can I build if I am balancing other obligations?
  • What are the financial aid options available to students?
  • What are the continued education options after I graduate?

What to Expect on Your Tour

When you attend a campus tour of a beauty school, you will likely be joining a tour with a few other prospective students. Tours tend to be led by a staff member or an upperclassman who is familiar with the beauty programs offered by the school. 

Arrival and Welcome

If you are joining a pre-semester event, expect a small gathering that may include decorations and refreshments. You will likely be welcomed by your tour guide once you find the right place to gather with your tour group.

Meeting with Admissions Representatives

Of course, the campus is only half of your student experience. You should also take time to meet with the teachers who will be instructing your courses and other students who may soon become your classmates. Speaking to the instructors, you can get to know their credentials, background, and style. You can also chat with current students and get their perspective on the student experience.

  • Ask Questions About the Curriculum and Learning Environment
    • This is your chance to learn about what the coursework will be like. Both instructors and students will give you their perspective on the learning environment you will enjoy as a student at the beauty school you are touring.

Touring the Facilities

Your tour guide will walk you through the beauty school facilities and areas where beauty lessons take place..

  • Exploring Classrooms and Lecture Areas
    • Classrooms and lecture areas will reveal the quality of your learning environment. Bright, airy classrooms and lecture halls can contribute to a more uplifting learning experience.
  • Visiting the Salon and Spa Training Areas
    • The hands-on training facilities are very important in a beauty school. Be sure to inspect the salon and spa training environments to discover what your direct skill training experience may be like.
  • Examining the Equipment and Technology for Students
    • Don’t forget to take a good look at the equipment and technology available to students. This will give you a glimpse at the kind of tech you will be working with and whether it suits your technological expectations.

Learning About Programs and Specialties

There are many opportunities to specialize. Cosmetology can be split into different focuses such as estheticians, barbers, nail technicians, and so on. 

  • Understanding the Schedule and Class Hours
    • Of course, one of the most important ways that a beauty school can suit your needs is through the schedule and class hours. You will be able to determine if you can fit coursework into your current schedule depending on how class schedules are determined.

Interactions with Current Students & Instructors

If you get a chance, spend a little time with current beauty school students and instructors. Get a feel for what it’s like to go through the coursework and how current students feel about their instruction and prospects. In addition to speaking with your tour guide, this is your best chance to ask the questions that really matter and get a true perspective on what it would be like to join the beauty program at each local school.

Q&A Session

At the end of the tour, you will likely be invited to a question and answer (Q&A) session where tour participants are welcome to ask questions in an open forum. This gives you a chance to address any concerns or uncertainties that may remain, to ask the last of your prepared questions, and to ask any questions that came up during the tour.

You will also get an opportunity to hear other student’s questions and the answers given, which can provide additional insight.

Learn About Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy

During your tour, you will also have a chance to learn what makes each school unique. Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy has been guiding students into careers in cosmetology since the 1960s. Our campus has spacious classrooms and a wonderful clinic area for hands-on practice.

We value a lasting relationship with our students and provide encouraging support from your first beauty school tour to years beyond your graduation. Our programs aim to support the development of skills in both students and teachers, and we offer a variety of licensure and specialist courses to help you pursue the career you desire.

Taking Notes and Photos

It is important to document your visit to each beauty school so you can check your notes and how each school looked after you leave. For most people today, the fastest way to take notes is by typing them into your phone as you go along. With the tour guide’s permission, you may even be allowed to record the entire tour. If not, you can snap a few photos at each stage of the tour. 

Create numbered notes that match up with photos to remember your exact experience on the tour. Pay especially close attention to the salon areas where you will do your hands-on practice. Cleanliness and quality can make a big difference.

Financial Aid and Enrollment Information

Beauty school is much more affordable than a four-year college, but there is tuition and there may be fees associated with each course including textbooks, equipment, and training facilities. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need to cover the full expense out of pocket.

Ask About Financial Aid Options

Each beauty school will be able to provide you with information about available financial aid programs and recommendations for how to secure financial aid in order to attend the school and course you like best.

The Enrollment Process and Deadlines

You should also ask about the enrollment process, including applications and wait time, as well as deadlines to get your application in for the next course semester.

Embarking on Your Beauty School Journey with Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy

If you have a passion for cosmetology or esthetics, you can take the first steps toward your dream career with Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy. The best place to start is to book a tour and discover how our academy can nurture your learning experience. Contact us today to discuss admissions and tour schedules.

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