April 18, 2019

Tips To Grow Your Career After Beauty School

After attending beauty school in Melrose Park you may have many questions. Ms. Robert’s Beauty Academy has a few tips for hair stylists and cosmetologists who are just getting started in the career.   

Understand It Takes Time To Gain Clients

Many people note the key to success is hard work. Building a book of consistent clientele takes time and dedication. When you are first starting out you may be frustrated if you do not have a completely full schedule. Take some time to set realistic goals and work towards meeting those goals each month. Connect with your clients and be sure to schedule their next appointment before they leave the salon.

Advertise Your Services

With social media, it is easier than ever to advertise your services. Ask permission to take photos of your clients at the end of the appointment so you can show off your work to your network and potential clients. Post engaging content like ‘How-Tos’ and new trends to engage a larger audience.

Apply To Salons In Your Area

Applying to salons near your beauty school in Melrose Park can help you in a few ways. First, if you begin working in a community you already know then you will have the foundation of a network before you begin. Second, salons that are close to Ms. Robert’s Beauty Academy are familiar with the beauty school and are often willing to help students with apprenticeships to help them launch their career.  

Enroll In Classes To Continue Your Education

Your education does not stop when you graduate from beauty school. By continuing your education you will be able to keep your skills up to date and improve techniques and styles. Continuing to take classes will help you develop a strong career for many years.

Stop by Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy, a beauty school in Melrose Park, to talk about beginning your career in the beauty industry or to continue your education.

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