January 9, 2018

Proper Weave Care

Winter is in full swing, and there’s a good chance your hair is feeling the effects. Dryness, damage and breakage often rear their ugly heads this time of year. As one of the premier beauty schools in Chicago, we take pride in always providing you with the best tips and tricks so you can maintain gorgeous, healthy hair year-round. We’ve outlined some key ways to care for your weave to ensure you’re looking and feeling your best.

1. Shampoo and Condition

Just as you would your normal hair! If you prefer to co-wash (washing only with conditioner), make sure you’re still using a clarifying shampoo to remove excess debris. If you wash your hair on a weekly basis, feel free to switch off between regular shampoo and co-washing.

2. Completely Dry Your Hair

I know that sometimes our schedules don’t allow us to completely dry our hair, but sitting under a dryer for 1-2 hours post-shower will do wonders for your weave. If left damp, your weave may potentially develop a mildew smell and might even begin to mold, which will damage your hair.

3. Satin is Your Best Friend

Double up by using both a satin pillowcase and tying your hair in a satin scarf while you sleep. These will help maintain moisture which is essential, especially during these frigid winter months. Pro tip: if you want to maintain your curls, section your hair off and braid it before wrapping it in your satin scarf.

4. Minimize the Use of Hair Products

Drenching your weave in hair products will only cause a chemical buildup, making your strands look stringy and greasy. If you need added moisture, try using a dime-sized amount of oil when necessary.

5. Keep Ends Healthy

A small dab of light holding pomade on your ends will leave them smooth and hydrated. Make sure to avoid alcohol-based products, as they will quickly dry out your hair.

6. Ask Us Questions When Needed!

It’s worth reaching out to one of the best beauty schools in Chicago whenever you need weave advice. Whether you’re interested in becoming a hairstylist or want to learn more about proper weave care, we have you covered.

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