February 17, 2017

Low-Cost Beauty School Chicago

Money is often an important factor when deciding to go to beauty school in Chicago. How will I afford beauty school? Will I have time to work while I attend beauty school? Here at Ms. Roberts Academy, we understand how important cost is when deciding to enroll in beauty school. We pride ourselves on being a low-cost beauty school in Chicago. Tuition financing is now available through low monthly payments and just $300.00 down. In addition to low monthly payments, we also offer our students the following:

  • Flexible Schedules: At Ms. Roberts academy, we understand how busy our student’s schedules are. Attending school full time from 9-5 is not always an option for students. We offer full time and part time programs to accommodate the busy lives of our future cosmetologists.
  • Day & Night Classes: A lot of our students at Ms. Roberts academy also hold either a full time or part time job while attending beauty school. It is not uncommon for aspiring beauty professionals to be hesitant about in enrolling in beauty school due to the concern of class times. A 9:00 AM class time may work great for some students, but won’t work at all for others. We are proud to offer day and night classes so that students are able to balance class, work, and their personal lives.
  • Lower Student to Teacher Ratio: Oftentimes, students believe that a low-cost beauty school in Chicago means huge class sizes. At Ms. Roberts Academy, we believe that one-on-one attention between students in teachers is very important. Our intimate campus and classroom setting has helped us to achieve a pass rate of 94%.

Want to learn more about our low-cost beauty school in Chicago? Call Ms. Roberts Academy today at  (708) 649-9088 to discuss our new tuition financing.

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