April 15, 2018

The Difference Between Beauty Disciplines

The beauty industry is full of terms like “makeup artist,” “esthetician” and “cosmetologist.” But if you’re like many, you likely can’t spot the difference between these things. Our cosmetology school near Forest Park wants to help educate you about the beauty world.

Makeup Artists

Enhance the client’s beauty through makeup. This ranges from subtle makeup looks to extreme, special-effects makeup looks. A makeup artist focuses solely on the client’s facial appearance, not the appearance as a whole. They work in a wide array of workplaces like salons and businesses, and many of them even freelance.


They might have similar skills as a makeup artist and cosmetologist, but they provide more advanced services like skin treatment and hair removal as well. They primarily work in health clubs, salons and spas. Experienced estheticians may also start their own company. Estheticians require the most specialized equipment and advanced training.


Cosmetologists have similar skills to makeup artists, but they provide services that extend beyond that. They also focus on skincare, nail care and hairstyling. They primarily work in spas, salons, hotels, resorts and health clubs and can offer a full range of services or focus on one specific treatment area.

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Source: QC Makeup Academy

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