November 1, 2018

4 Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy During Winter

The cold, dry air and harsh winter weather in Chicago can be tough on your hair. It makes your hair more prone to breakage and becoming dry and brittle. If your hair is starting to lose its shine, follow these tips from Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy, a beauty school near Melrose Park.

Showers & Conditioner

Don’t skip the conditioner! It may sound obvious, but it is an important step in your routine. It gives moisture to your scalp and to the dry ends of your air. Also, remember that if your water is too hot it can strip moisture from your hair and skin. Try to keep your showers lukewarm and short.


Keep up with your haircuts to keep your hair healthy and to stop split ends from getting worse. Set a calendar reminder to book a haircut every 2-3 months. If you cannot remember your last haircut, it is time to book an appointment!

Wet Hair

Do not, I repeat, do not leave your home with wet hair! Going outside in the freezing temperatures with wet hair can cause breakage. Besides the obvious risk of your hair freezing, the coldness will weaken your hair.

Heat Styling

As fun as a blowout, straightening or curls are, it can destroy your healthy hair. Allow your hair to air dry as often as possible and if you desperately need to use heat style, use a protectant spray.

If you are interested in beauty school, call Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy near Melrose Park for more information.

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