October 19, 2017

3 Hair Weave Mistakes To Avoid

Are you looking to accentuate your natural beauty or experiment with a new look? Buying a hair extension or hair weave is a great way to try a new style. Just like your natural locks, a weave needs to be maintained to look their best. As your local cosmetology school in Oak Park, we are sharing 3 common mistakes people make when wearing hair pieces.

Skip DIY Styling

Weaves are normally sewn in. It’s important that you bring your wave to a stylist for a professional application. A professional who has studied at a cosmetology Oak Park School will be able to successfully install a weave to make sure that it is secure and blends with your natural hair. Once the weave is in place, a stylist will also be able to give you a fresh haircut that will make the weave blend seamlessly.

Neglecting Your Hairline

Often times, people will buy hair extensions and weaves that are a different texture than their natural hair. If you’re planning to straighten or curl your hair to match the inserts, it’s important to get all the way down to the hairline or root. You will want to mask any differences between the two types of hair. A student who has graduated from a cosmetology school in Oak Park will be able to blend the two types of hair flawlessly.

Leave Bundles Attached For Too Long

You may be tempted to leave your weave or extensions in for a long time. High-quality extensions/weaves can last anywhere from six months to one year, however, it’s important that you take breaks periodically. Get the weave taken out roughly every 8 weeks by a professional? This will allow your natural hair to rest and give you the time to condition the weave and restore its texture and shine.

Want to learn more about installing weaves and extensions? Are you interested in attending cosmetology school in Oak Park? Call Ms. Roberts Academy today at (708) 649-9088 to get started.

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