August 1, 2018

What to Expect at Cosmetology School

Before committing to cosmetology school, you might have a few questions about what you will be learning along the way. While the curriculum changes from school-to-school there are basics taught everywhere, such as the science behind your focus area and preparing for the state board exams.  As a cosmetology school in Forest Park, Ms. Roberts Academy strives to teach our students everything they need to know to be a successful cosmetologist.


One of the very first things you will learn at cosmetology school is the anatomy of the hair, skin and nails. Eventually, you will learn about the chemistry of hair, as well as the chemistry of the products you use and how they interact.


In cosmetology school, you will learn everything you could possibly need to know about hair.  You will learn about different cuts, tools, coloring and how to apply highlights and lowlights. You’ll learn how to give the perfect blowout, different finish styles and how to care for different types of hair.


As a cosmetology school student, you will learn the basics of skin care as well as basic makeup instruction.  Skin and makeup instruction vary from school to school and you must speak to your school for their exact lessons.


You will learn the proper manicure, pedicure and artificial nail techniques during your time in cosmetology school.

Board Preparation

Every student must pass his or her state board exam in order to practice as a licensed cosmetologist. During classes, your instructors will cover the material that will be on the exam. Along with the subjects mentioned above, you will also learn about shop management sanitation and interpersonal relationships.

Ms. Roberts Academy is a cosmetology school in Forest Park that offers day and night classes to best fit your schedule. Contact us today to begin or continue your cosmetology education.

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