November 5, 2015

What Is Cosmetology?


Cosmetology is one of the biggest career fields available, offering many advancements and opportunities. However, most people have no idea what it is. In essence, it is anything to do with skin care, hair care or nail care services for men, women and children. In most cases, it will also include body pampering options and other beauty treatments.


When most people think of cosmetologists, they think of hair care. In essence, hairstylists and barbers do make up the biggest part of the field, along with those that work in lesser aspects, such as shampooers or colorists. These people may not be called cosmetologists, but they do devote their workdays to washing, styling and cutting hair. This can also include perms, coloring, updos and formal hair options.


Skin care services are also part of cosmetology, and can include treatments to clear the skin, facials, and makeup options. While those are the most popular choices, hair removal services are also relatively common. These can include waxing, electrolysis, eyebrow threading and laser eradication. You may also offer consultations about various skin care regimens or do makeovers for your clients.


Nail care is an essential part of looking and feeling good, and most cosmetologists want to learn these treatment options, as well as skin and hair care needs. Typically, if you work with nails, you are called a nail technician or manicurist. They can handle nail polishes, shaping and the applying of acrylic nails. They can also do intricate nail art, manicures, cuticle treatments, and pedicures.


Cosmetologists have to go to beauty schools and in some cases, have to go to accredited schools. You typically have to have your high school diploma or equivalent, and will then be enrolled in a program. Programs typically range from six months to two years, though most programs last about one year.

After graduating, you will probably have to pass a licensing exam before beginning your career. These reviews will vary from state to state and will likely encompass everything you have learned.

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