November 10, 2017

Time Management Tips For The Holidays

The holiday season is sneaking up on us! That means time to shop, decorate, and of course, celebrate. Between work, attending class, and preparing for the holidays, students attending affordable beauty schools in Chicago may find it difficult to manage their time. Here at Ms. Roberts Academy, we understand that time management is very important in order to be successful in beauty school. We have created a list to review time management tips that have worked for our students.

Schedule Ahead

Create a schedule for yourself and plan out when, where, and what you are going to study. Pick a set day of the week when you know that you will not have class, work, or holiday activities. Plan whether you will study in a quiet place at home, head to the library, or go to a local coffee shop. Your time is valuable, create a set itinerary of exactly what topics you are going to cover to make sure that you accomplish what needs to get done.

Protect Your Study Time

Today, distractions while studying can some unavoidable. Let your friends and family know that you will be studying and are unavailable to hang out or chat. Put your phone on do not disturb to prevent yourself from being distracted.

Form A Study Group

The holiday season is time to spent celebrating with family and friends. Unfortunately, when studying is your priority you may feel like you are missing out on holiday celebrations, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t study with friends. Talk to other students and form a study group. Having a group to study with makes it more fun, holds you accountable, and gives you an opportunity to learn from friends.

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