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There are Many Career Paths in Cosmetology to Select From

When you choose a career in cosmetology there are many paths open to you that you have probably never even thought of.   Not only is it one of the largest fields available today, but you won’t be limited to be just being a hair stylist or a manicurist. You can take a full program that will teach you all aspects of cosmetology as well.

There is the Exciting Word of Fashion Shows

Were you one of those children who held fashion shows for your family with your dress up clothes and you styled your little sister before she walked down the runway?   Do you dream of owning clothing made by Vera Wang or Marc Jacobs?  You may be perfectly suited for the fast paced world of runway shows.

You Could Live the Life of Stylist to the Stars

When stars make public appearances they use a stylist or stylists for their hair and make-up.  Many have their own personal favorites and use only them so if you can build up a client base you can make a decent living.  It is not all glamour though, you need to be on your toes at all times, be flexible and have extremely good time management skills.

Giving back is fulfilling in itself

You could always give consideration to becoming a cosmetology instructor.  Sharing your expertise with students can be gratifying in the extreme.  You can teach and continue your education at the same time which is important as you must keep updating your skills as technology advances.  Being able to communicate well, have great amounts of patience, and have well developed excellent interpersonal skills are very important.

You could be in Hollywood

Versatility is most definitely the name of the game when it comes to preparing actresses and actors for television, films and theater.  Styling people for television and film is far different than doing so for the stage.  There are ways in which that they are the same such as needing to research the looks from different time periods and that you get to alter people into entirely different characters.  The difference in theater is that stage make-up is more dramatic in order to not look washed out and can be an entirely different type of make-up in order to not melt or run under the stage lighting.

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