May 10, 2016

Starting Beauty School: Curriculum, Student Kits, Tools and Tips

Congratulations on choosing a beauty school to build your future career! So here you are, eagerly waiting for your first day of school. You dreamt about it for years and finally you are just a few steps away creative skills to good use.  Even though you are probably excited to embark on a new career adventure, you are probably still a bit scared and are wondering what to expect. Your instructors will be very thorough, and will work with you every step of the way. On the first day of school you will receive textbooks in some cases, your student kit, and any other equipment that is required by your school. These kits are usually included as a part of your tuition cost, so they will be waiting for you on your first day of class.

Things Often Included in a Student Beauty Kit

  •       Clippers
  •       Brushes
  •       Shears
  •       Blow Dryer
  •       Curling Irons
  •       Mannequin Head

The cosmetology kit will be your most valuable asset once you start studying. After you have learned all of the bookwork that is required for your program, you will begin hands-on learning. This will include practicing on your mannequin head, and taking on actual clients while under supervision of your instructor.

What does a sample beauty school curriculum look like?

Different schools have their own unique curriculums and requirements for different programs they offer. All programs must adhere to state guidelines, but they will have their own curriculum to meet the states minimum number of hours for licensure. The following includes but is not limited to things you will learn in an Illinois beauty school program:

  1. Science: Chemistry, Infection Control, Hygiene, Physiology;
  2. Hair Technique: Hairstyling, Cutting and Shaping, Hair Coloring, Scalp and Hair Treatments;
  3. Other techniques: Cosmetics Application, Skin Care Treatment;
  4. Professional development: Basic Communication, Ethics, Business Management, Licensing laws etc.

Again, this is just a sample to give you an idea of how your future studies in beauty school will look like.If you want to know the specific curriculum of the school you are considering, you should speak to them directly before enrolling. When you read through the program description, find out whether the class is measured in credits, competencies or clock hours. It is important to understand what instruction methods each teacher is using and the grading procedure too.

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