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Fall Trends

Keeping up with seasonal trends can get overwhelming, which is why Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy, a beauty school near Oak Park, is here to update you on the latest hair and nail trends for fall 2018.

Hair Trends

Hair trends are constantly changing, whether its ombre hair or a messy bob, people will go out of their way to keep up. Constantly changing your hair can become expensive, so we have picked three fall trends that you can easily do on your own. This fall, center parts, sleek ponytails and wet and wavy are the top three hairstyles. To achieve a sleek ponytail, make sure to have wax spray on hand to make the process as easy as possible. The wet and wavy look has been a fan favorite this fall, and many celebrities have been sporting this look. A high-gloss pomade will give help you achieve the look you are going for!

Nail Trends

Some people may be surprised that there are actually trends when it comes to your nails. Many people are accustomed to going to get their nails done and simply choosing a color and leaving the rest up to the nail technician. The two newest trends for fall 2018 are metallic ombre and bling manicure. The metallic ombre consists of clear nail polish and then a metallic tip that fades as you go towards the nailbed. Bling manicures usually use a solid color and then your nail technician will add jewels or sparkles before it dries.

If you have questions about the proper techniques, our beauty school near Oak Park can help.

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