August 12, 2019

Choosing The Right Haircut

Did you know that there are flattering haircuts meant just for you and the shape of your face? Ms. Robert’s Academy, an affordable beauty school in Chicago, can help you figure out your face shape and make sure you are getting pampered with the right haircut.  

Face Shape

You can identify your face shape by taking a photo of yourself with your hair tied back. On the picture, trace the outside of your face and discover which shape it resembles the closest. 

Rectangular Face

If you have a sharp jaw and forehead, it’s best to get a soft, layered cut to enhance your cheekbones. Think about getting curtain bangs or rounded fringes to finish the look.

Oval Face

Oval faces are perfect for a variety of hairstyles such as a short crop or long layers. Waves can help boost your oval appearance and you can even part your hair any way you please.

Square Face

Consider getting a side-parted style to offset the squareness of your face. Side swept bangs are a popular look with those who want to disguise the sharper angles of their faces.

Heart Face

Think about getting waves or girls that start below the ears to even out your angled jaw. You can even take a risk with this hair cut and think about getting a side-parted pixie cut with textured ends to complement your heart-shaped look.

Round Face

If you have more prominent and rounded cheeks, opt for a layered cut with long and staggered layers that start around the jawline.

If you are ready to test out these styles as a cosmetologist, contact our affordable beauty school in Chicago today!

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