October 14, 2019

Avoiding Heat Damage

Both straightening and curling your hair excessively can cause heat damage to your hair follicles. Heat damage can cause breakage and frizz, so it may be best to think about avoiding heat styling this winter to prevent thermal damage. Continue reading to learn more about heat damage from our professionals at our beauty school serving Chicago.

What Is Heat Damage?

When you apply heat to your hair, it can break down the hydrogen bonds, resulting in dry and frizzy hair with the possibility of breakage and even split ends.

Prepare Your Hair

Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair before you participate in any type of heat styling. Contioning your hair helps to prepare for the heat by staying moisturized during the process.

Prevent Heat Damage

Before you begin curling, straightening, or blow-drying your hair, consider applying a heat protectant, such as a serum, to protect your hair during heat use. There are different serums to use depending on how you choose to style your hair, so make sure you ask a professional before you purchase a protectant product.

Monitoring Your Hair After Heat Styling

Make sure you are taking to correct precautions to keep your hair healthy for days and months to come. If you notice frizzy or looser curls or hairstyles after you used your heat tool, you may need to use a strengthening conditioner or protein treatment to get your hair healthy again.

Our beauty school serving Chicago is ready to show you the best way to style your hair using a heating tool. Contact us today if you want to take your career on a cosmetology path.

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