December 8, 2017

5 Hair Weave Myths

Are you planning to attend beauty school in Forest Park and are unfamiliar with weaves? There are many common myths circulating the internet about weaves. Despite being an attractive money-making avenue, there are still many questions about the hair extension practice. Our beauty school in Forest Park is sharing the truth about these 5 common hair weave myths.

They Are Uncomfortable

The weave is implemented by creating a braid in the middle section of the hair, which the weave is then sewn into. There is no actual attachment to her natural hair itself. Without tape, glue, or clips, the weave has a less painful pull to the natural hair.

They Take A Long Time To Implement

Many people have a false impression that hair weaves take several hours to implement. Getting a hair weave from a professional should take around an hour.

They Damage Your Hair

A common question we are asked at our beauty school in Forest Park is if a hair weave will damage your natural hair. This is false. The braid holds seamlessly to the weave without causing stress to the natural hair.

They Are Painful To Remove

Due to the simple nature of the weave implementation, the removal is very easy and painless to remove.

A Weave Can Only Be Used Once

Reuse your weave! We stress to our students at our beauty school in Forest Park, to express to their clients that weaves are great because they can be used over and over.

Do you want to learn more about hair weaves? Get started at our beauty school in Forest Park here!

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