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Nail Instructor


Manicure instructors teach nail technology at cosmetology or vocational schools. They teach others to perform manicures and pedicures, including shaping, cleaning and polishing clients’ fingernails and toenails, artificial nail application and sanitation. Instructors and students working on nails may need to wear protective masks and gloves when working with chemicals.


Career Requirements

Degree Level Postsecondary training program in nail technology and manicure instructing
Degree Fields Nail technology
Licensure Illinois requires licensure as a Nail Technician prior to training as an instructor
Experience 2 year of Nail Technician experience may be required prior to instructor training
Key Skills Strong verbal communication abilities, customer service skills, good attention to detail, ability to operate complex nail technology equipment
Salary (2016) $35,403 yearly (median for all cosmetology instructors


Physical Demands

It is important that prospective students be aware of the physical demands that will be put on them in our profession.

Long hours on your feet, back strain performing and instruction in such skills, pedicures , manicure, acrylic, gel etc. Nail Technicians will require extensive arm, wrist and hand movement as well as respiratory problems may arise from inhaling chemical fumes from Nail chemical. Skin rashes can occur from contact with chemicals used in our industry. Dry and chapped/cracked hands can result from shampooing clients over a period of time

Nail Instructors may experience some of the same demands, as well as long hours grading papers, test and lesson plans.

In addition, we maybe required to have an extreme amount of patience and tolerance with customers/students.

Safety requirements

Nail Instructors work with many chemicals and should work in well ventilated area. Some services may necessitate the wearing of a mask and or protective gloves. Nail Instructors may come in contact with harsh chemicals and exposure to body fluids is likely.

It is recommended that you now train in the industry if you have any physical or mental issues that would not allow you to perform all of the necessary skills required to be successful in this industry

Employers Expectations

To be successful in our industry employers are looking for employees with a strong work ethic, good people skills, punctuality, takes constructive criticism and is a term player.

Licensing Requirements for the State of Illinois

625 hours of instruction in Nail Technology Instructors are required to qualify for examination for an Illinois Nail Technology Instructors License. Length of time required to complete depends on course schedule selected.



Fair Practice Code -This institution in its admission, instruction and graduation policies, practices no discrimination on basis of sex, color, ethnic origin, race, creed, age, religion, financial status or country or area of origin or residence. Ms. Roberts Academy does not recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering a similar program of study.


  • Schedule Enrollment Appointment
  • Submit copy of high school diploma from approved high School or G.E.D
  • submit copy of stated issued Drivers License or State ID
  • Complete an admissions enrollment application
  • Submit $100.00 enrollment fee unless other wise agreed
  • Put a minimum down payment on your kit of $300.00


  1. Sign a completed enrollment contract provided by the admissions representative.
  2. Discuss financing options with enrollment advisor

Financing must be pre-arranged. This program is not covered by Financial Aid


Transfer Students

Credit for Previous Education and Training for Students receiving GI Bill Benefits

Credit for previous education and training experience must be evaluated and may be granted. Such a grant of credit is at the discretion of Name of School. This credit will shorten the length and cost of the program proportionately. The school is required to maintain a written record of previous education and training experiences which indicates that credit has been given, where appropriate, by the school for noted experiences and provide evidence of the evaluation. Students need to present appropriate documentation to Ms Roberts Beauty Academy prior to the start of class to receive credit for prior education and training.


Additional schedules may be available.


625 hour course with under 2 years of license

19.75week course: Attendance is 37 ½ hours per week,7.5 hours per day and not less than 21 total hours in any one week. 625 hours are to be completed 19.75 weeks from date classes began.

25.5-week course: Attendance is 27 1/2 hours per week, not less than 5 consecutive hours per day. A min 16 hours of attendance in any one week is required 625 hours are to be completed 25.5 weeks from date classes began.

31.5 week course: Attendance is 22 hours per week, not less than 3 consecutive hours per day, as scheduled, day or evening. Student will attend not less than a total of 12 hours in any one week. 625 hours are to be completed 31.5 weeks from date classes began

41-week course: Attendance is 16 ½ hours per week, not less than 3 consecutive hours per day, as scheduled, day or evening. Student will attend not less than a total of 12 hours in any one week. 625 hours are to be completed 41 weeks from date classes began.

Additional schedules may be available.

  1. a) Each student intending to complete teacher training must complete a minimum of 625 clock hour of instruction as follows:

1) 125 hours of post-graduate school training that includes all subjects in the basic nail technology curriculum in including theory and practice. Presentation of material must include the concepts that are intended to be taught and the skills to be acquired during the various phases of basic education.

2) 20 hours of Educational Psychology that shall include, but not be limited to, topics in educational objectives, student characteristics and development, the learning process and an evaluation of learning that relates to teaching. These hours shall be waived on behalf of nail technology teacher students who have completed a course in Educational Psychology at an accredited college or university.

3) 20 hours of Teaching Methods (Theory) that shall include, but not be limited to, topics in individual differences in learning, lesson planning and design, lesson delivery, assessment of learning performance, classroom management, student motivation and classroom climate. These hours shall be waived on behalf of nail technology students who have completed a course in Teaching Methods-Secondary Level at an accredited college or university.

4) 150 hours of Application of Teaching Methods that include: preparation and organization of subject matter to be presented on a unit by unit basis; and presentation of subject matter through application of varied methods (lecture, demonstration, testing and assignments). Presentations must provide teaching objectives to be accomplished and correlate theoretical with practical application.

5) 50 hours of Business Methods that include inventory, recordkeeping, interviewing, supplies, the Act, this Part and the Workers’ Compensation Act.

6) 260 hours of Student Teaching under the on-site supervision of an Illinois licensed teacher. The student teacher shall present theoretical and practical demonstrations to students in the basic curriculum.


Students are evaluated in the following areas:

  1. Quality of work
  2. Quantity of work
  3. Co-operation and dependability
  4. Work manner and personal appearance
  5. Related theory

Theory will be graded according to the following scale:

100-95 = A = Excellent

94-90 = B = Good

89-80 = C = Satisfactory

79-75 = D = Unsatisfactory

74-below = F = Failing

Related theory: A minimum standard of 80% accuracy is required in each subject. Students may take any test twice to improve a grade point average


Practical and laboratory work will be graded as follow

5 = A = Excellent

4 = B = Good

3 = C = Satisfactory

2 = D = Unsatisfactory

1 = F = Failing


Incomplete or absences are entered as a 0 in the grade book. Students are required to make up theory assignments, examination or practical assignment if missed/or failed. These assignments can be made up during school. Test cannot be taken less 3 days apart. All work should be made up as soon as possible and is the responsibility of the student




Ms. Roberts’s Academy offers large, well equipped classrooms, locker facilities, student lounge and large spacious clinic area for practical experience.

Ms. Roberts’ Hillside is a well-equipped location with 2 clinic floors, 3 spacious classroom areas. We have recently updated our facility is conveniently located near public transportation Pace 310 Pace 313 & 317 with I290 & I294 express exits.



Registration Fee……………………………………………………….$ 100.00

Tuition, Books , Uniform…………………………………… …….$ 200.00

Total Program cost……………………….………………………….$ 4000.00

Scholarships/and payment plans are available to those who qualify

Scholarships/and payment plans are available to those who qualify



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